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Ways to extract data - Professional Edition

From browsing the boards, I understand that extraction of salesforce.com data using the API can be done only for Enterprise customers.

We are currently working with a client for creating a data warehouse for them - but I am not sure if they have Enterprise Edition. If they have Professional Edition only, what are my options to extract the data to a local database, to be integrated with the other systems' data?


I believe you can request manual data extracts in the setup area in profession edition; it is unlikely, however, that you will find a way to build an automated data warehouse without the API. Note that enterprise customers also have the an optional data replication API available (in pilot) that is very useful for building analytics apps.

Thanks for the response.

Does it mean that customers with Professional Edition can't normally/easily integrate their salesforce.com data with other apps?

Does anyone have any idea about possibility of Professional Edition customers to be able to get at least a slice of their data on a periodic basis (at the least, daily)?


Hi tommytrojan,

Professional Edition users can run SFDC partner solutions that use the API.  As a partner, one recieves a ClientId value that, when included in the soap message permits API usage on non-Enterprise salesforce.com accounts.  So if you are developing a solution for the SFDC masses, you will need to become a partner and obtain a ClientId.



Thanks DevAngel.

My company is already a partner of SFDC. Does that mean we can create a 'generic' solution for integrating SFDC data with some other application and then use that solution for our client, and therfore be able to use the API?

Or is there only a 'certified' solution that can actually use the API on non-Enterprise orgs?


mike kreadenmike kreaden

Only select solutions are granted PE access.  These solutions are subjected to salesforce.com testing (certification), and require considerable design time to be spent between companies.

If you are looking for a short term fix for your customer, this won't work.  DW development projects fall under usage patterns found with Enterprise Edition customers.  Are you sure that your customer has PE?  Sounds like they need to consider EE for their needs.


Thanks for the response.

No, I am not sure what edition they have. Our meeting with the client is tomorrow, Tuesday. One of the questions we have to ask them is their edition. But we wanted to know exactly what SFDC's position is, so we can recommend accordingly.

I looked at the website and it says I need to call for EE pricing - is there a ballpark comparison between PE ($65/mo/user) and EE?


Lets take this thread off the boards and into email; I'm agross at salesforce.
Sounds good.

We are on the path to having our composite application certified for listing on the AppExchange.  We have a managed package that we selectively allowed some of our selective to install and test.  Our application also utilizes the API's to transmit data to and from Salesforce.  From our experience, the Enterprise and Unlimited editions seem to work fine, however when we try to access the API's for customers who are using the Professional edition, we get the following exception: API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG.

Upon successful certification, will our solution receive a 'ClientId' for us to include in our web-service calls?  If not, what additional steps would be required for us to obtain one of these?

Many thanks...


Hi, We are also having the same problems with an application we have developed that requires API. It seems many SF users do not have API... did i understand correctly and there is a way to make it work if the user has professional eddition???


I would highlu appricitae your help