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Beta help on MassUpdate and Account De-dupe tool

We are looking for assistance in beta testing our tool for doing Mass Updates/Insert and Account de-duplciations in salesforce.  It will allow you to update ANY table in salesforce or export any table to CSV. 

You can download the tools from www.demandtools.com and then email me at glenn.wilson@quotegen.com for authorization on your login.  We plan to have the contact de-duper ready sometime this month and are looking for beta asistance plus any feedback on other components that could be added to the toolset

GlennW - glenn.wilson@quotegen.com




I have a problem with reading in XLS and CSV files for mass updating/creating. Even files wich are created by the tool (EXPORT TABLE) are not processed - > I compiled my salesforce TASK table and tried to read it in without changing anything on the file.

Regards, AKR







Sorry I didn't get to you earlier.  All you need to do is load MDAC that is free from Microsoft and you will be able to open xls and csv files and use them to mass update your salesforce objects.  The download instructions can be found at www.demandtools.com