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Multi-day events

I'm trying to figure out how to sync multi-day events from an external calendar with SFDC, which doesn't support multi-day events, and looking for best practices. Has anyone done this? How does Outlook Edition handle this situation?


ps. And put me down for a feature request: support for multi-day events. :-)
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With Outlook Edition 2.0, you cannot synchronize events that have a duration of longer than 24 hours. Multi-day events that are created as a single event of a long duration are not supported with this product.

In order to synchronize an event that spans multiple days, a salesforce.com best practice is to create individual all day events for each day on which the event will take place. For example, enter an event that runs from 6pm to 6am as follows: schedule a 6 hour event for 6pm, and then add a separate 12am 6 hour event for the following day.

Alternatively, if the multiday event takes up the full day for every day, Schedule a Daily Appointment Recurrence in Outlook. Recurrences do sync with salesforce.com.
Hope this Helps
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guess you are not talking to the Right people at support :):smileyvery-happy: