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Customer Portal - Submitting a new case - overriding standard relevant solutions object

Ocassionally when I'm creating a new case and hit the submit button.. depending on what I type in as the subject I'm getting a screen that shows me relevant solutoins search results. I would like to override this display to utilize solutions from a 3rd party application.  I can't seem to find out to override this screen.. Is it possible?

Cases/ create new case / hit continue / type password in the subject line and hit submit.

You should come to a page with the url similar to


I’ve searched high and low on all case page layouts / solution page layouts and all associated related lists and can’t find where to override this.

Something similar appeared to be in the Solutions Search Layouts – Solutions Search Results. Okay fine but that doesn’t tell me how to override the containing page to not use this..

Any ideas ... Thanks all!


No, you can't override the Suggested Solutions page.  You'd be better served to make a new, custom New button and set the saveURL to point to the page you'd like it to go to once the case has saved itself (which admittedly may be a little tricky).