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Migration of Workflows using Force.com

Hi All,
We are trying tp migrate Workflows from one sandbox to another sandbox using Force.com v13(eclipse). But after adding all the Workflow Rules, Alerts and Field Updates in a package, when we are trying to validate it using Force.com, error is thrown for all the workflows stating " No Email Template Found 'template name'".
Any Help on solving this issue will be of great help.
Thanks in advance,
Bharat Baradia
It looks like one of the workflow rules you are trying to migrate uses an email template that does not exist in the target system.  Create this email template in the target system then try migrating the workflow again.
Hi jpizzala,
we have checked all the templates, they are present in the target system and have the same API names also, but still we are getting that error....
So any pointers on it will be really helpful.
bharat baradia
Did you put the email template in the correct folder?

I was able to successfully push a workflow file via the Force.com Eclipse plugin just fine - as long as the alert and email template were named correctly and in the correct folders.