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sforce forum

This forum doesn't seem to have active members helping at all  - been new to salesforce, i find it extremely difficult. Guys do you want to share your experiences with with the dummies! plus i think salesforce dev team should do something about this.

That hasn't been my experience at all.  Sometimes I'll get an answer back in a few days, sometimes in a few minutes.  Sometimes I'll get an answer from a Developer, sometimes from a member of the developer community.  But so far every question I've asked has been answered.

I have seen questions that don't get answered, but more often than not, I've observed it's because the person asking the question didn't ask a very clear or specific question, or failed to provide sample code of what their having trouble with.

Did you have a specific question you wanted to ask?

Honestly speaking i agree with you totally about asking vague questions!
Mostly it is newbies like trying to catch up with sforce project ennviroment.

I am staying awake more often these days to undertand sforce APi and dev enviroment better and help most of the newbies in the forum {perhaps document my experience and resolution + wack on wiki}.

Most cases what i have realised is, members read your post and get a bit reluctant to go through the debt of aiding you through. But will get there.:smileyvery-happy:
Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_
Yep, posting clear questions with plenty of code and a good indication of what you've tried definitely helps get questions answered!

Good luck on the stay awake ;-)

Hi Guys!

I am using this Apex method trigger to invote an external service;

public class APiNorthstar {

public static void addAccount(Account[] accs){
for (Account a:accs){
comNorthstarApi.NorthstarServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint stub = new comNorthstarApi.NorthstarServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint();

//Insert the new Account on external site
String name =;
String acc = a.Account_Alias__c;
Boolean setName = stub.setNa(name);
Boolean setAccountAlias = stub.setAcca(acc);

trigger NStarTrigger on Account (after insert) {

Unfurtunatly if i creat a New Account i get this error message;

Error: Invalid Data.
Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Apex trigger NStarTrigger caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: NStarTrigger: execution of AfterInsert caused by: System.CalloutException: Callout from triggers are currently not supported.:
Class.comNorthstarApi.NorthstarServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint.setNa: line 38, column 13

Do anyone know why this trace?


Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_
Hi Losintikfos

Well, I would be surprised if anyone answered your question :-) You've suddenly started asking a question about Apex triggers in a thread that is ostensibly about forum support. I recommend you post questions in their own threads, like everyone else does. (Do you think someone interested in triggers is going to find your question it the thread is called "sforce forum"? :-) They'll have to be mind readers!)

Having said all that, it looks like the reason you're getting the error below is embedded in the message itself: Callout from triggers are currently not supported

That is, you can't make a callout to a webservice in a trigger.

If you do a search for that message in the search bar (top left) you'll find this post from a developer asking the same question:
together with an answer too ;-)