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XSD Needed to Import WSDL XML Schema into Enterprise Architect

I'm trying to import the XML Schema generated through the WSDL into Enterprise Architect.
EA can import the XML, but first requires the XSD... isn't there an XSD available on Salesforce anywhere to be used?
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The schema is in the WSDL.

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The schema is in the WSDL.
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Reading this post, I do have a question.  Apologies in advance for my ignorance on basics.


  1. How do you extract the XSD from the WSDL file? 
  2. Can you do this via a simple text editor or another tool?


Hi Steve,

Did you get the answer for your question?? We are using new tool IBM B2B integration to do integration between SAP and salesforce. I gave the requires Partner WSDL and login credentials  to the IBM team. but they are asking for an XSD file from the wsdl and not the WSDL? can you please tell e how could I do it.
Andrew Glynn 3Andrew Glynn 3
You can use something like the Trang converter in Oxygen XML or the equivalent in other XML specific tools.