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automaticly fill custom fields when creating new contact from inside the account

in my contact and account object i have new custom address fields
and when creating new contact from the account i want that in the edit-mode page
the contact address fields will be filled from the account custom fields
If you have Enterprise or Unlimited then you can use a workflow like below.  It will not show up until after you save it, but it will always be there.
Create a workflow for the Contact object.
    Give it a name
    Select: When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria
    Rule: "Contact: Account Name", not equal to, ""
Create a workflow action.
    Click Add Workflow Action, choose field update
    Name: Set Contact Street
    Choose your field to update.
    Select: Use a formula to set the new value
    Click: "Show Formula Editor"
    Click "Insert Field"
    In the second box click "Account >" and then select your Street address field. Click Insert.
    Click Save.
Repeat the last section for City, State, Zip, Country, or any other fields you want to copy over to your new contact.
Enjoy!  :)