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Percent Total on Custom Report

Opportunity Name   Percent Field     Amount       Services

 TOTALS:                       124%           $111,000.00    $23,000.00

Opportunity A                    16%             $75,000.00    $12,000.00

Opportunity B                    76%             $11,000.00      $5,000.00

Opportunity C                    32%             $25,000.00      $6,000.00

Is there a way to have an actual percentage total on a custom report rather than a sum?  Average doesn't really do the trick either.  At the top where it says 124%, it should really say 20%.  23,000/111,000=20%

All the percentages are doing here is adding 16+76+32 to equal 124 which makes no sense when you are talking about percentages.

This problem seems easy to fix.  Am I missing something?

I have contacted Customer Support because os this and was told that there isn't a way to average percentage. It seems liek this should be something available for us, but apparently it isn't......Have you been able to fix this by any chance Kimberly?

Not certain whether this is still a question or not, but here is another discussion that answers your question: