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Proffesional limitation with Buttons/Users/Security?

I need to remove/disable the New buttton from certain Objects for certain users. Is this possible in Professional addition? The Custom Object inherits permissions from the Account, so the owner of the account has full priveleges right now. I dont want the Account owners creating new records in this custom object.

Could a script somehow check to see which user has clicked the NEW button and stop the record creation for all but the authorized users?

You can't restrict creation permissions with Professional Edition by customizing the profile, but you can create a validation rule that prohibits users from creating a certain type of record. The system will allow them to click new, but give them a custom error message when they attempt to save the record. This is the best you can do in Professional Edition. For example (Setup | Build | Custom Objects | <object name> | New Validation Rule:

Or( $User.Username = "",
    $User.Username = "" )

When a named user clicks new, they will have a new edit screen, but if they click "Save" they will receive an error message stating that they are not allowed to create new records. I hope this helps...

~ sfdcfox ~
Perfect. Will this same principle work to check the last modified by and restrict certain users from saving? I guess Ill find out... Were moving to Enterprise later this year hopefully, apparently Im going to have to build some security safegaurds until then.

Thanks! I appreciate

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You could use the Last Modified By field if you really wanted to, but the $User.Username global variable refers to the currently signed in user attempting to save changes. If you use the Last Modified By field, I believe you would have to reference by user ID instead of the friendlier username...

~ sfdcfox ~
This works perfect. Id like to hide all the data from some users as well but this will solve the data integrity issue at least.

I have another Object I am using to store master records that all users can clone and relate to another object, but I dont want everybody editing the original records. Can this way of resticting editing work with checking a field at the same time? ie: If this field contains "cloned" anyone can edit it, if the field is empty only this user can.

If a field is not displayed on a page layout, does it still get processed when editing or auto filled when a new record is generated?

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