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How to limit Custom Link Search Results?

Is it possible when using a custom link to run an advanced search to have the search look at only specified fields within the object?  For instance, I have a link on the Account detail page that runs an advanced search on Accounts and it uses a custom field value as the search criteria. The search returns Account records that have the value in any number of fields, thus usually returning more records than I am interested in.  I want to have the search return only records that have the specified value in a field or fields to be specified in the custom link.  Can this be done this way or in another way?

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Actually, there are new enhancements to SOSL language that should do exactly what you want, apply filter criteria on arbitrary fields during search.

Find (mega*) in all fields returning Contact(firstname, lastname = 'Jones')


Thanks Dave.

If I understand correctly I think you are telling me that the current advanced search string:


would need to incorporate the Find.  Any suggestions on the syntax to make this work in this case?  Would it be inserted after another &

&Find ({!Account.Fund_Corporate_Number__c}) in all fields returning Account({!Account.Member_Number__c} = {!Account.Fund_Corporate_Number__c}

I have tried various combinations that all pass syntax checks but do not give the results I am looking for.  I obviously am not understanding correctly how to do this.

I want to have the advanced search results include only records where  {!Account.Member_Number__c} equals the {!Account.Fund_Corporate_Number__c} of the detail record the search is initiated on.