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Task Problem

Hi all..

We have a new Tab with comercials people (no users), and we need, when you create a new activity, to send emails to the comercials, but in SF is not possible to create a search fields, and you cant to create a workflows with emails in tasks. Do you know what can we do, with this?..

And other question about this, is possible that this new task associate to comercials entitie?

Sorry for my english ;) I am spanish jeje

I hope to understand me.
       You can use Salesforce.com workflows to send email,tasks and also update a field on some criteria.If the criteria is fullfilled then like trigger workflow is fired.The tasks and emails in the workflow are send.
usama rasheed
Thnks, but I dont to create a sen mail workflow in tasks.
We have a comercial picklist, and when you take anyone, should send a mail to each one..
But when we create a worlkflow doesnt appear any mail option. I try with account for example, and this is possible.