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Multiple Contacts from a Lead; s-control to create Contacts

On the Lead object we capture more than one name - e.g. admission application submitted from Web 2 Lead includes student and parent.  I'm looking for a way to create a contact for each name on the lead record.
One approach would be to reconstruct the Lead Conversion process.  But I think it would be simpler/ acceptable to have an in-line s-control placed on the Leads page (next to the second name) that would use fields on the record to create a new Contact.  Of course, it would need to first check for existing Contacts and prompt user if found.
Has anyone done/ seen a solution like this?
I am looking for a solution to this also. We use lead lists that contain multiple contacts for one company, and I would rather not create multiple leads for a single company. To me, the company is the lead, and the contacts are the avenue to their business.