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Custom Button URLs with line breaks? Worked for a few days, but no more

I noticed that since Spring '08 went into effect, you could edit the URL in a Custom Button and break the URL into multiple lines.  It made the appearance of the URL much easier to read.

I'm guessing that the servlet that retrieves the URL of a custom button would strip the carriage returns.

I didn't see that it was really a known "feature" of Spring '08, but hey, it was a huge improvement.

Well, it stopped working last night, and I'm wondering if Salesforce changed something about the servlet that retrieves the URLs from buttons.

If anyone at Salesforce is reading, please bring back the ability to break URLs into separate lines.
As of today, it looks like Salesforce has re-enabled the ability to include line breaks in custom button URLs.  Hopefully it will stay that way.

Thank you Salesforce!