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auto populate fields from lookup field

Is there a way to auto populate several fields based on the value from a lookup field?
For example, I have a custom lookup field on the Account object. When the user selects the account, I would like three custom fields (text boxes) to be auto-populated with the address, city and state from the account the user selected.
Is this possible?  If so, how?
Not on the edit page.  You could write a workflow field update to fill these fields with the values from the parent account, but it'll only happen after the object is saved.

Thanks for the tip.

Has anyone tried this yet? How do I get the value of the lookup field's street ? E.g. Parent account.street ?

Thank you to all for heloing on this issue.



Use the formula builder in the workflow field update screen -- it'll help you access the fields you're looking for.

Well, I used the formula builder, but I couldn't find a way to fill a text field with the billing street of the account in the lookup field (or the parent account's billing street).

Has anybody got an idea?

Thanks in advance,



This has to be possible. In the standard Contacts tab, when you pick an Account, the mailing address fields are automatically populated. The funtionality exists, I just can't find it.


It exists only because it's hardcoded for that particular page, the Contact page.  There's no notion of dynamically filled lookups elsewhere.  Soon you'll be able to write something like that in a Visualforce page though.

TRY this code defenitly u get the solution for Autopopulation just you have to make Looup relation with User


trigger populateContactfromUser on Contact (before insert , before update){
    Set<ID> setConIds = new Set<ID>();
    for(Contact obj :{
        if(obj.User_Name__c!= null)
     MAP<ID , User> mapCon = new MAP<ID , User>([Select Id,Email,Phone from User where id in: setConIds]);
     for(Contact obj :
        if(obj.User_Name__c != null)
            User c = mapCon.get(obj.User_Name__c);
            obj.Email= c.Email;
            //Similarly you can assign Address fields as well, just add those field in Contact SOQL as well


code works like a charm Bala, do you know if it will still work should multiple records be upserted?