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Reports available in Excel

Toward the end of last year, there was a download off the SF website for an Excel add-in for SF reports. I don't think it's the open source one mentioned here.

I installed it and it provides a dropdown menu that enables SF login, Report selection, Report refreshing, etc.

It is listed as the salesforce.com Excel Add-In version

It is pretty nice. The report list returns fast, something that the report list workaround mentioned in the forum does not provide.  I'm curious how this is accomplished with the Excel Add-In if the API is not exposing SF reports.

Also, I can no longer find reference to this Excel Add-In on the website and the Help menu items lead to an unkwown page on the SF website.

Any help is greatly appreciated. The current workaround for listing reports can be slow if you have a large number of reports.


This, along with a facility that makes it easy to build email templates, is now the "Office Edition". It's available from the Personal Setup page ...
Wonder if the Office Edition will ever support outbound firewall authentication?