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Is my WSDL wrong

I can load google and other WSDL's into DreamweaverMX 2004 but not the salesforce wsdl.




I cannot get any of them to work. Is their some sort of special web server config that is needed, I am running iis 6.0 on windows 2003 servers?

mike kreadenmike kreaden

We have not tested with Dreamweaver.  Not sure if DW will be able to handle authentication for our service.

We have tested with:

  • MS Visual Studio.NET 2003
  • Borland JBuilder X
  • BEA Weblogic Workshop 8.1
  • Eclipse 2.1 (WSDL2Java)
  • IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer 5.1
  • Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition

Other tools that support sforce (using the Partner WSDL) are:


Hi MathewC,

See my comments to your other post.