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"Subscribe Now - 23 days remaining"

My developer edition account has begun to sport a logo at the top stating "Subscribe Now! 23 days remaining". This is a little unnerving (I don't want the account to disappear) ... but clicking on it produces an internal server error. Any idea what this is or who I should contact about it?



Hi scot,

Very strange and not good.  Send my the user id you use to login and I will examine your account.  Please do not send a password.


I am having the same issue (16 days remaining).

Bill Emerson

FireQ Software

Thanks ... it's fixed.

I've got the same problem. How do you want me to send you the info about my account?




This morning I was still able to login but continued to have the message(10 days and counting !).

This afternoon I cannot login to the developer edition (msg: Invalid username or password)

Help! We are dead in the water until this issue is resolved.

Bill / FireQSoftware

Message Edited by qman on 06-24-2004 12:58 PM

Bill, I've reset your password and extended the expiration for one more year..  There is a glitch on our system that after a DE is 1 year old, it's being reverted to trial.  We are working on fixing this.
Jason Cao JingrenJason Cao Jingren
I'm also facing this strange problem in my dev environment. My login id is 13801654405@90demo.com and also a few test accounts are also affected. Please help. 
naineni srininaineni srini
I am also facing same issue my loing id is naineni-sryo@force.com it says Subscribe now 10 days remaining for this dev environment please fix this issue
Bernard HaddadBernard Haddad
apparently I am getting these ones as well in one of my developer orgs (I use several ones that I distribute to some of our SEs).
The one I have a problem with is bernard.haddad@78demo.com.
thanks for your help
Saurabh SumanSaurabh Suman
I am getting this one as well in one of my developer orgs. My id is ofsc-dev@itcinfotech.com.
Thanks for your help.
Desiree DortokDesiree Dortok
I am getting this notification as well in my developer account. However it doesn't say "Subscribe Now", it just says "61 days remaining". Can you let me know why this is showing? It doesn't give me an option to click anywhere to see what 61 days remaining are for. My ID is ddortok@ndacorp.com

Thanks in advance.
Im getting the same message in Dev environment my id is steve@bideasi.com
Mary Vinuthna 2Mary Vinuthna 2
Im getting the same message in Dev environment my id is vinnyinnu138@gmail.com
Prince HarinkhedePrince Harinkhede
Im getting the same issuein Dev environment my id is princeharinkhede@gmail.com
Prince HarinkhedePrince Harinkhede
Can you solve my issue asap as 7 days remaining ?