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Newbe question Insert Opportunity

I cannot seem to insert an account with the opportunity.  I have looked at the fields and Account is one of them.  I realize I am probably missing something really obvious.


Hello May,

What kind of exception message are you receiving?


I got the insert woring.  I am now attempting to insert (really update) the memberstatus in a campaign.  I read the post you had with a someone a while back about posting to the leadid and status.  I have followed your directions but it still does not work.  I am inserting

- campaignID

The value continues to change to the defualt value.  Are there any tricks I am missing?

Ok I got it fixed.  It never seems to fail.  I will work on an issue for an hour then as soon as I post it here I figure it out.  Thanks.

Hi May,

The status that you specify needs to be defined for the campaign that you are adding the member to, otherwise it will revert to the default.