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Is there a Workflow tutorial?

I haven't found anything in the Help or training explains Workflows so I've been doing trial and error.  I'm really hoping I'm overcomplicating the solutions I've been working on (21 Acct Managers where each Acct Manager has 19 Workflow Rules and 19 Workflow Tasks).
Our organization wants to use Workflow to trigger a series of tasks.  Once a  particular task has been created, they want to create a series of other tasks:
Task SubjectAssigned toDue Date from Trigger DateTask SubjectAssigned toDue Date from Trigger Date
Assign WSTLLiz0 daysCreate report 1Acct Mgr (varies by acct)135 days
Task 1Acct Mgr (varies by acct)150 daysCreate report 2Acct Mgr (varies by acct)165 days
Task 2Acct Mgr (varies by acct)180 daysCreate report 3Acct Mgr (varies by acct)195 days
Task 7Acct Mgr (varies by acct)450 daysCreate report 12Acct Mgr (varies by acct)465 days
There are 21 different Acct Mgrs so I really don't want to create a complete set of Workflow Rules and Workflow Tasks for each Acct Mgr.
- Liz creates the trigger task.
- This trigger causes 2 tasks to be created (task 1 and create report 1).
- As each task is completed, the next task is created.  (when task 1 is changed to Completed, it creates task 2, etc).
Couple of questions:
- Since the Acct Mgr varies by the account, can I assign the task based on the Account Team Member role or a value in a custom field?
- To set it up where one task kicks off the next, would that be one Workflow Rule per Workflow Task?
- Is there a way to trigger the next task to start only when the status of the prior task is completed?  I'm assuming I'd do this via the Workflow Rule Criteria section.
- Is there a limit on the number of Workflow Rules?
- Is there a limit on the number of Workflow Tasks?
- When I set up the Workflow Task, is there a way to change which fields are filled in?  Currently, it lists Assigned To, Status, Subject, Priority, Due Date, and Notify Assignee.  I'd like to add a custom field to this list.
Is there training somewhere that I missed?
Thanks in advance!!