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Reset entire Salesforce instance to default?

Is there an easy way to nuke our entire Salesforce instance back to the default?
This includes all records, all custom fields, reset all custom fieldname, reset all custom stages/pipelines, Record Types - basically EVERYTHING - to be all the default and initial Saleforce settings.
You want to remove your data too?
dSales PLdSales PL

Yep, though nuking all the data is the easy part.

Instead of creating another developer edition for us to play in, we're currently repurposing one that's already ours.


sign up for a new trial or developer edition org. 
Why not use the mass delete function under data management?
Chris Williams - Sitecore MVPChris Williams - Sitecore MVP
Unfortunately when using mass delete it only allows 250 records at a time and when testing with thousands of records that takes time to delete them all :)
Deleting records is easy with the Execute Anonymous Window in the Developer Console. You are limited to 9,999 at a time but WAY better than 250 (see code snippet below). Removing custom fields, validation rules, objects i haven't figured out. Anyone know how to do that quickly?
list<Account> AcctList = new list<Account>([Select Id from Account limit 9999]);
delete AcctList;