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Brendan LallyBrendan Lally 

List views - forcing a refresh on initial entry (or picking a specific view)

It appears (as a 'feature') that when a user comes into a list view (Picking an Object TAB and get a list of records)
that the criteria on what it shows is confusing (I cannot find any documentation on this as regards what steps SF follows).

Some of the time it appears it lists the records dependant on what the user had 'chosen' last (if recently viewed/created/modified has been invoked before). However this is INDEPENDANT of what the choice is within the top 'view' pulldown list.
Its confusing that its not a combination.

1) can I force a default view to be (programatically?) always forced for the user when they come in (at least if its the first time since they've come into this session)

2) can I force a refresh (or at least have a choice of which 'rules')  of the view (that is shown when the user comes into the list). As by default it is not refreshed. The user has to press the (view) GO button to really see the records relating to this view
(This is really confusing to a new user (as in "where did all the records Joe showed me are 'gone' ")

3) if neither of the above can I create a message that is show on all views that says (Press the GO button to refresh the data)

4) if I don't use the '/o' at the end of a URL for a list view (for each of my tabbed objects) then I don't get the RV/RC/RM extra 'view' - can I use this by default (any setting?)

PS I have the 'enhanced list view' turned off at the moment

What you are referring to is an overview page, not a list view.  The overview page, which shows up when you click a tab, always shows the most recent items a user has clicked.  From there you can navigate to a list view.

This blog entry discusses how to create a tab that pops directly to a list view:
Brendan LallyBrendan Lally
That looks like a workaround for me.
Doc's have mention of 'Key Views' ( but nothing on overview pages

Thanks for that.
Brendan LallyBrendan Lally
Now able to 'hard-code' S-controls to specific views. Can then assign these to buttons to override the default behaviour. At least this now allows me to have a default view and the records are 'real' and not semi-cached (via RV/RM/RC sideline 'selection') which is confusing to new users (of SF) Users can still select what view they want 2c after default view is shown. However seems a bit of a 'hack'. Lal