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How to find out all the changes happened in the last 'X' minutes

Hello All,
I am new to SalesForce.com and it's web service APIs. I want to track all the changes that have happened in the last 'X' minutes. By 'all' I mean, all the standard object and customs object changes and not just one perticular object (say Account or Contacts).
I want to find out all these changes programatically. For this I went through the SalesForce web service APIs. I found 2 API which can help me in this. However these two APIs find the changes happened in specific objects and not in all objects.
The APIs I used are:

binding.query("select id, Name from Account where LastModifiedDate > 2008-08-22T14:02:15.000Z");


GetUpdatedResult ur = binding.getUpdated("Account", startTime, endTime);

But as I said before these wont give me history of all the changes but the history of changes for specific sObject. Can someone tell me how can I find out all the chages which has happened in last 'X' minutes.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


I believe that all calls are object specific.

You can programatically find out what objects you have by using describeGlobal(), and call GetUpdated for each one.