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New User apearing in the API

There is a new user showing up through the API, but not visible in the UI.

(This can be recreated via sforce explorer)

If I query the user list via the webservice, I get all my regular users, but now I am getting an additional on.  Its name is "Salesforce Administrator".  It says it was just created 8/3/07 (even though I have had my account for well over a year).  It has a license type of "BlackTab User". 

Can anyone help me out with what this user is?  And, is there an easy way to filter it out of my query?  (I want to be able to only get users that are available in the UI in my query).

This is a restricted user used as part of our automated provisioning
process.   It was unintentionally exposed during the recent release;
we'll be unexposing it in a patch next week.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

The user "Salesforce Administrator" with License Type "BlackTab User" ist still appearing when creating a new Record Type as a user profile the record type can be assigned for. The problem is that one record type was mistakenly assigned to this profile and now when trying to delete this record type I get the message:  "This record type Service Contract cannot be deactivated because the following profiles use this record type as default." and the profile shown below is this "Salesforce Administrator".
Is there a way do unaasign the record type from this user profile?
Is it appearing in the UI, or through the API?
Just to update everyone, my original problem was resolved around the timeframe they stated (about a week or so after my first post).
It appears in the UI. When I click Setup->Customize->Contracts->Record Types and then button "New" to create a new record type I get a list of profiles the new record type can be enabled for. Among those profiles are "Salesforce Administrator" and "Package License Manager".
These both profiles are not viewable, nor accessible from anywhere else in the UI but since I mistakenly assigned a new Record Type to all Profiles including those both, now I can't unassign it from these both profiles and so can't delete it..