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Navigating many to many relationships using custom reports


I'd like to be able to navigate over a number of many to many relationships using
the new custom report types. We've implemented m-to-m relationships
using intermediate object types. However, when creating the report, I
can only navigate from the source object to the intermediate object
and no further. Is there any way around this, or is it a case of generating
this kind of navigation data using an S-Control?



You can do this using the Custom Report Types feature in Summer'07.
Join from your first object to the intermediate object, then save the CRT.
Use "Edit Layout" to get to the page layout, and then select the intermediate object in the object selector, and use the "Add fields via Lookup" to fetch the fields from the object on the other side of the join.
You can then save this CRT and use it to create reports from fields on both sides of the join.

That allows me to bridge the gap from object 1 via a relationship object to
object 2's fields. However, what I need to be able to do is navigate to object
2 and then navigate via another relationship object to object 3 and so on.
Is this possible?