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Scans visible in the app?

What would be the best strategy to include/obtain/developer a feature that includes placing a scan of a photo or paperwork into my app's layout? So upon creating a new case, there would be a file browser box to choose the image file...which, once attached, would be visible by default.

Validations would include only allowing .jpg, .png, etc., sizing constraints, and so on.

Is this possible?  What would be the best way to go about this?

Thanks so much!
One feature you probably want to look at is the IMAGE formula function to display the image after you capture the URL for the image. Check the online help for some tips that might help you out.

Hope this helps.
Excellent - this is a great start.  Just pulls the location from the Documents tab and puts it into the case.

Is there a way for the user to input or browse for the location of the image, located in the Documents tab, when creating a new case?  This way for each new case they could easily input an image as needed.  It would just need to dump this location into the IMAGE formula function somehow...

I'm unsure of how to do this.  Any advice/pointers?

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I think it will have to be a manual process, so the user will have to cut and paste a URL into a field, which is then used with the IMAGE function.  Others, though, might have a better idea.

Okay - what would be the best way to insert the URL into the IMAGE function?

Thanks Rick for your help so far, really appreciate it.

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There's a free AppExchange application called Picture Uploader 2.1 that you can look at for ideas. It pulls the latest attachement for a record to use as the image, but I'm sure it can be modified to do something different. Here's the URL:

Thanks Mark - what a great tool.  How would I go update duplicating this functionality in another tab?  Just edit the JavaScript in the s-control?
Any help on this last question?

Sorry to pester (but I'm doing it anyway ;)