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New Case Creates New Folder On Server?

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to figure out if this is possible...
I'd like to have a folder created on our server (e.g. the folder location would be somewhere like \\server\cases\{case.number} ), versus having to do it manually each time a case gets created... Thus, if email2case creates a new case, or if I manually create a new case, a folder shows up on our server.
This would make life easier for navigating to case folders containing various attachments and what have you.  Is this even possible?
Are you referring to the Case Detachifier here?
I didn't think the detachifier was for this method?
Can you provide some details on how this would work?
I find SF's documentation rather lacking.
You can probably make a workflow outbound message on case create and then an ASP.NET receiver that creates the folder for you.  You could also modify Email2Case to make the folder.  Neither one will be terribly easy to do, but if I had to choose, I'd choose option 1.

You can at least make it easier to manually create a folder.  Put a parameterized batch file at the top level of that folder that creates a new directory -- so the batch file code should be nothing but:

mkdir %1

 Let's call that batch file makeCaseFolder.bat.  Then make a custom link or button that calls that batch file with the case number as the parameter -- so the URL would be like:

file:////server/cases/makeCaseFolder.bat {!Case.CaseNumber}

Although I might be short a slash or two, I always get that wrong.  So test it before you do it.  But this way, at least you just have to click a button to make your folder with the proper number.

I thought you meant you wanted the detachifier to make a folder for each case it's detachifying.  It doesn't do that.  See my other message for some other ideas.

Unfortunately, I don't see the batch file as working.

Mainly because the batch file, when clicked through a link isn't executing it on the server, its wanting to do it locally.

So I think the overall answer is no, there is really no feasible way of just adding this in as a script.  I don't think I really want to start flooding the support inbox with additional junk for this.  Manual it is.

Oh, well, you may actually need to create a drive that maps to that directory and run the batch file from there, come to think of it.  I forgot about that.  But no, there really isn't a good way to give a browser access to your local file system, but that's intentional, otherwise the bad guys could do bad things with it.


What I was hoping was to automate email2case, but seeing as how sf does the actual creation and e2c just acts a mediator its not feasible :-/