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Problem with salesforce report (CSV export)

Dear all,
I am facing problem when export report into CSV (ISO-8859-1). When I open the .CSV file using notepad/wordpad, the data inside seems to be mess up/not line by line. Anybody know whats wrong? Anyway this is not a word warp problem.
From my understand standard CSV file should be
LINE1 -> "ID","NAME","AGE"
LINE2 -> "A001","JOHN",21
Help will be much appreciated :smileyhappy:

Message Edited by Kun on 05-07-2008 08:48 AM
Try opening it in another editor (eg write.exe or Word). Notepad sometimes doesn't show UNIX-style newlines.

Dear John Rotenstein,

Thanks for your reply. I tried open using Microsoft Word 2007, but the the problem still the same.... data not line by line.

I would like to know whether you face the same problem with CSV files? or is it only me.

I am using Vista ultimate & Office 2007

Thanks & Regards