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Record Locks and sObject classes

Does the sforce API handle locks on records to cater for concurrent accesses?

Also: If I create a class that inherits from the sObject class (using partner wsdl) and give it member properties to help identify it, then cast it back to an sObject when passing to the API, will this cause problems? 

Thirdly: If I pass an array of sObjects where not all array slots have been initialised, will the create/update API calls ignore the empty slots?




Hi upNcommN,

The api has no options to control concurrency.  The data is not actually ever locked.  So when someone is in the web interface and on an edit screen, the record is not locked and the last one to save the record will take precedence.

I don't think you will have problems, as the generated serializers won't know about the new properties and should not try to serialize the properties.  Try it with a single new member before going full speed.

You last question is more a question on how the soap client will handle the unitialized slots.  I think you will get a null pointer exception, but don't know for sure.  Again, try it and see what happens.

If you have the time, could you post your findings?