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Dave CampbellDave Campbell 

How to avoid seeing changes I make

I'm currently building an application that will make changes to SForce and detect/process changes made to SForce by others.

What is the best/recommended way to avoid seeing my own changes when I invoke getUpdated/Deleted?

I realize I can check the createdById and lastModifiedById, but what about deletes?

Is there a recommended/general method for handling this?

Dave CampbellDave Campbell

In addition, we need to demo our integration.  This would involve our staff making changes on both sides and showing prospects that the data stays in sync between both systems.

What kind of accounts/configuration should we get for this (multiple, linked accounts?)? 


Hi David,

There is no way to filter the getUpdated and getDeleted calls.  You would need to do this filtering on the processing of changes and for deletes, well, if you don't have a local store then you can't determine who deleted.

Your second post sounds like you are trying to sync 2 salesforce.com accounts.  Is this correct?  To what end?