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is it possible to send a contact a templated email via the API?



Hi upNcommN.

It's seems to me that it's not possible to send any email via API. But there are several ways to do that through involving both API and SFDC settings. For example what I did for this purpose is I created a ficticious Campaign with inactive state and then create workflow rule with rule logic "if Campaign.Status = 'Completed' then rule is true". After this I assign Workflow Alert to this rule and specify mail template for this alert. All this actions I've done through user interface. Then, in program, I change Campaign.Status from 'Planned' to 'Completed' - this enforce WorkFlow Rule to fire the alert, which in turn sends email to any addresses specified in template. After this I set up Campaign.Status to 'Planned' back.

The only limitations for this method is you are unable set up body of email message and it's recipients. If you'll find any methods to do that - please let me know, I appreciate it May be this method is suitable for you.



I considered a very similar solution, the only problem i found was that I don't think its possible to set a task to dynamically email a contact address , it wants to email the record owner or a user/role/profile. 

thanks for the ideas tho