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Data Cap in developer accounts.

I'm writing serveral extensions to salesforce that have to scale up to 10 of thousands of records, but the out of the box dev account is capped at 1000. How can I get this limit increased?

Mark Orr
Chief Architect
enContext Solutions.



Same question from me. I saw somewhere that I can pay for additional storage, but I would argue that more flexibility is required for dev accounts. I have a synchronization tool that will, during its initial run, move thousands of records into and out of Salesforce. I would like to do some stress testing - a few trial runs with large samples of data - before I move to production. However this is not an option without acquiring addition space - space which I need for literally a couple of hours.

Good questions.

Your dev accounts aren't designed for stress or load testing, just for development. We are looking at additional services we can provide to help support those testing/staging needs, but it will likely be in a form different than your dev account.

Well, I'd say that was fine except for the 2000 record limit on query calls. I can't even test if my use of the queryMore method is correct. It wouldn't take much of an increase on my data limit to let me do this.

Mark Orr

If you set your batchSize to be smaller (say 100), you'll end up using queryMore.