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Sync with Exchange Server

I was wondering if anyone had attacked syncing SalesForces data with Microsoft Exchange's data.

As, I'm sure my company is simlar to many in that many of our users are constantly in Outlook and use Exchange as a backend to hold Customer addresses and emails in a Global Address list.
Along with having pre-definded Email Groups i.e. USCustomers, that they can quickly send off a quick email to the group of USCustomers that would get sent to many external customer emails.

But at the same time we would like to use Sales Force's great power as our CRM package.
I guess what it comes down to is...Is there anyway NOT to have to update a Customer's email in both Exchange AND Sales Force.



I think it may be possible to do this with a server side connector -- at least for what you are looking for anyway (global address list). Of course you'll have to write it .

There's also a thread I recently posted on in the customers forums looking at the concept of a single server-side sync to handle the users contacts instead of having each user run Intellisync (or forgetting to run it as the case may be). Still need to determine it's feasability tho...



Check out CanyonBridge, they have a very nice Exchange integration story, may not be a perfect fit, but worth a look.



I guess I learned what I already knew...That something is possible, but will have to take to time to master server side connections.

Thanks all.



The website www.geotide.com has a product that currently synchronizes email in exchange user mailboxes with Salesforce contacts.  Email arriving from or going to Salesforce contacts is recorded in the appropriate contact.  The product runs as a service on the Exchange Server so it does not rely upon manual synchronization but users.

The next release will update contact information on a per user/mailbox basis.


Both provider links are not working.

I need to come up with something on synchronization of Exchange with SFDC.   Any help / pointers?

Denis MarkovtsevDenis Markovtsev
This answer is a bit delayed, but may still be useful.

I recommend you to consider the Agile GrinMark to Exchange Synchronizer (GESync). It provides server-side integration between Salesforce and Exchange. Integration includes two-way synchronization of Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Meetings, Calls, Tasks; Archiving emails; special scenarios to replicate and create items like Opportunities and Cases from your email client. This solution works without any client-side plugins. No need for additional configuration of standard mobile or desktop email clients (Outlook, Entourage, Mac Mail, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.).

Microsoft Exchange: 2007, 2010, 2013, Office365

Free trial version is available so you can try GESync before making a decision.

If what you need is one-time synchronization, then trial mode may be enough to get required results.

Best regards,
Denis Markovtsev
GrinMark CRM Integration Team
sales@grinmark.com (mailto:sales@grinmark.com)
Stanley JonesStanley Jones
Have you tried using Exchange Sync. This application can be a good choice for your concern, as it helps users sync events and contacts between MS Exchange Server and Salesforce. This might help you sort out your issue. You must go through a basic understanding of Exchange Server (http://www.netcomlearning.com/webinars/44442/Free-Webinar-Introduction-to-Exchange-2013-training.html?advid=1023) for implmenting the right methodology.