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field accessibility, object reg

I would like to know, in which objets the field level permissions are stored.
to explain more,
when we go to setup, select any object, select any field, and we look for field level accessibily, we get the list of profiles->recordsets types->accessibility.
I would like to know in which object this information is stored.
so the object will be having the field id, recordset type id, and the accessibility,  I hope,
can anyone please help?
Mike LeachMike Leach

AFAIK, there is no way to reflect on the access control lists (ACL) via the API. They are probably private/protected members in the underlying SObject base class.

The results of describeGlobal and describeSObject enforce the ACLs. If an object or field do not appear in the API, then the API Profile User does not have Read access.