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User account for syncing data

My application is hosted outside of Salesforce and uses the API to keep data in sync.  This obvisouly requires a SF user account to be used to create and update objects in SF.  Does this user account need to be an Administrator account, or could it just be any SF user that is using a profile that has been granted the necessary rights (Modify All Data?)?  This user needs to be able to access picklist values, create companies, company contacts, users, etc.
I have used both in the past, I would clone the Administrator profile and call it "Super User" and then assign the API user to this profile...much easier to take items away that the API user does not need.
Is this what other SF partners are currently doing? Asking their customers to create a user that has admin rights that the partner app will then use for the API?  I'm trying to simplify the sign-up/trial process to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to use/try our partner app.
I think you'll need to identify all objects that need to be accessed and provide it as part of your install so the admin will know if any potential users within their org will have issues using your app. You are using both the Enterprise & Partner API right? 
Are you saying that the user account could be created automatically as part of my Appexchange app install?

We use the Partner API.

I'm just curious to know what other Salesforce partners are doing, or what SF recommends.
I don't think there's a way to auto generate an SF sign up for a customer.  They would still need to at least sign up for a demo org and then install your package.
Say a potential customer wants to try your app - do you have them create a SF Trial account? or Dev Edition account? Or do they point your app at their SF "production" account (w/ real data)? What is the most common method of doing a trial with an Appexchange app?

Do you then have them create an admin account that is only used for the purpose of syncing data and use that account in your partner app to connect via the API?

Info from other existing SF partners would be great....Thx.

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We are requiring the SFDC customer using our integration package to have a SFDC admin account with API access.


For trials of your app, which type of SF account do you have your customers use? Trial account? Dev Account? I think each has its own limitations.  What are most partners doing?