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Case screen from email to case

We have email to case installed on our server and working properly.  New cases come in and replies are automatically tagged on to exsisting cases.  This part of the solution is working great.

The problem is with how the data is inserted in to sales force.  If I want to view an attachment from an e-mail I can't do that on the cases screen, I have to click on the task subject, then click on the original message then click down to attachments.  This seems a bit silly as I should be able to see the e-mail attachments right in the case attachments area.

I also can't reply or reply all to the original message, I can only create a new message with a new subject unless I exit cases, go to my tassks go to the original message and reply/reply all there.  While creating a new message to our customer is fine, it makes it difficult for the original message to be tracked by them.  Fairly annoying.

So my question is:  is there a way to pull the e-mail data further forward when injected into sales force from email to case.  In the cases screen I would like to see all relevant e-mail information including the e-mail attachments, reply/reply all buttons and any other data that may have been in the original e-mail messages or replies.  I should not have to leave the cases screen to work with messages, IMO.

Thoughts?  Solutions?  Am I not thinking of a possible conflict should all this data be in the cases section?
If you add the Email Related List to your case layout then you can eliminate one of your clicks.  This way you can click on the original email from your cases screen, then click on the attachment.