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Creating an Activity Report across multiple users


I am trying to create an activity report across all users in our organization.  I've sent this question to SFDC, but have yet to hear any answer back (2 weeks ago) so thought I would ask here as well.

From SFDC support, they told me it was a sharing issue. 

I went to the Security areas and Sharing settings and created a public group that includes all of our users who need to access the notes.


All of our users are a part of the Public Group.  This Public Group is allowed to read/write all accounts/contacts that are owned by each "User Type/Role."  After I did this, the reporting worked.

 I then went to run a report and asked to see All open and closed activities for All Activities and I am either getting nothing or just tasks that have been logged for me.

Can you please let me know what I may be doing wrong.
Did you set the hierarchy at the top of the report correctly?  After running the report you'll see the hierarchy at the top.  Click on the link for whatever is at the root of the hierarchy.

Heirarchy says below: I'm Marketing...

Hierarchy: Marketing

I clicked "Hierarchy: Marketing" to delete that hierarchy, but I still only see my tasks...



In addition to the Hierarchy, which should be set to the topmost level available, you also need to make sure you select the View "All Activities", instead of "My Activities".  As long as the other users are in your same Hierarchy (Marketing, I believe you said) they should be visible, based on your sharing rules. If they are in another organization outside of the Marketing Hierarchy, you might not be able to see them.

Lastly, it is possible that you can't see them, depending on the report type, due to the object they are related to. For example, if you were doing an Activities with Opportunities report, and don't have visibility to the Opportunities, the activities would not appear.

The "Tasks and Events" Report type is the most generic, and should provide the best visibility. 

Good Luck!


Below is a diagram of our heirarchy.  We have different types of roles but they are all equal.  No one is reporting to anyone...

The Rawls Group
    Partner Owner

For us to be able to report on our case notes across all users, do we all have to be in the same role? 

The strange thing is, that it worked for like 5 seconds, and then I went back to create a standard report for the organization, and now all I see are my activitites.  I have also made sure that it is set to view "all activities"

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With that Hierarchy, and if you wanted to see activity for any of the other groups (like Operations/Leadership or Partner Owner for example), then you would need to be able to set your hierarchy view to "The Rawls Group" if that is the top level.
In our organization, for example, the top level is "President". We have both Sales and Tech Support underneath, in order for someone from Tech support to see the Sales activities, we have to set the report hierarchy level to "President" .
Could be you need to adjust your sharing rules to the next level up in order to have the proper visibility.
Ok, just want to be sure i understand. 

So if we want everyone to be able to see activities across the organization, no matter what role they are, then there role will have to be moved up to a President status?  So in a sense, we would be getting rid of the Partner/Owner, Marketing, Operations, Insurance?  All of the users who belong to the tree now, would be changed to the highest status, which in your example is President...


Not exactly, the sharing rules would need to be at the highest level or you need to make sure you have a role in the hierarchy that is over each of the organizations.

If they are each at the top level, they are kept separate by design.

Right now, who does the Marketing role report to, and who does the Operations role report to?

at some level, you need those two structures to converge on the same role.

Thank you SO much!!! I think I got it working.  You are truly a life saver!!!!! :)