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How can I use Accounts object's data type address.

In Application sale, I found Accounts has a data type address.

In my application I also needs a field like that.

But I have no idea how it comes.

Any one know about that?

thank you for you help!
There are two account address fields and they come in individual fields like:



You can view fields of any object using tools such as schema explorer, dataloader, excel connector
Thank you for you help.


But how to make a 「account address fields」?

I still can't make it in my application.
By "in my application" do you mean

If you want to create a set of custom address fields  you'll have to use the available types e.g. Text and Picklist
Hi, devNut!

Yes, my appli is a appli.

Then how to create a set of custom address fields?

I mean how those fields become to a data type address?

Sorry,I'm new in

and I'm at Japan so the reply looks very slow.


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Salesforce comes with a set of standard fields, and address is one of them.  So you can't create custom fields and add them into the standard set of address fields. However you can create custom fields and use them instead.

To create custom fields you need to sign into salesforce and go to
1) Setup (top right link)
2) App Setup section
3) Expand the customize section
4) Expand the accounts section
5) Click on Fields
6) Scroll down and click the new button
7) From here you can use the wizard to create the field
Thanks you very much!

Now I found what is the problem.

In the New Custom Field list ,these is no address option.

I'v got two developer account. None of them can see a address field.

Maybe I need a higher user account? like a Enterprise user?

However thanks again!
No there is no such thing as an address field type.

You can use the available types to create multiple fields that make up an address.
Oh, create multiple fields and make up to one.

I'll dig it.

thanks a lot, devNut! .
Oh,I still don't know HOW TO create multiple fields and make up to one.

It's too hard.
Someboy help me out?
I actually just had to figure this out myself...
I made a text area that's a read only field.
The code is as follows:
& BR() 
& City__c 
& ", " 
& IF (ISPICKVAL(State__c, "ALABAMA"), "AL", "") 
& IF (ISPICKVAL(State__c, "ALASKA"), "AK", "") 
& IF (ISPICKVAL(State__c, "ARIZONA"), "AZ", "") 
& " " 
& Loc_Zip__c 
& BR() 
& IF (ISPICKVAL( Country__c , "USA"), "USA", "") 
& IF (ISPICKVAL( Country__c , "CANADA"), "CANADA", "")

So obviously your "Address" field may be names something different, but it contains the Street number and address. (free text field obviously)
Your "City" field would just contain the city (I use free text)
The & IF (ISPICKVAL(State__c, "ARIZONA"), "AZ", "")  section is basically saying this:
If the value in the picklist is "Arizona" then display "AZ"
Else "" (display nothing)
What sucks is having to write that for picklist value...
The code above will display the address just as salesforce already does.

wups... that is to say:

I created a workflow rule with this formula that runs each time the record is saved, edited, or created.

Randhir KawadeRandhir Kawade
Guys , i have to do exactly same thing, add new address kind of field that has its own set of fields, how can i do it ? im not from salesforce background , im in .net developement, working on salesforce & .net integration. pls help through.