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Approval process - Communication

I am not sure if answer to my question below is pretty simple and not getting in to my head...

Salesforce allows to use only one communication template for all steps in an approval process. Is there a way to use different templates for different stages.  Basically we wanted to send an email alert to user with whom action is pending next in case of rejection or approval in current level. Right now same email is sent for all events. Please let me know of there is any issue with out setup.

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Hope I have understood your question and this helps :manhappy:, I have just introduced an approval process into our companies system.

I found this process worked, you create 3 e mail templates first.

  • One to notify the person pending of the action they need to take i.e. Authorise or Decline
  • One to notify the creator/submiter the record has been approved
  • One to notify the creator/submiter the record has been rejected

Once these templates are set go into the approval process and associate the e mail templates accordingly

  • The notification of action to the "Approval Assignment Email Template"
  • The Approval e mail to the "Final Approval Actions" - click the add new button and select e mail
  • The Declined e mail to the "Final Rejection Actions" - click the add new button and select e mail

If you follow this line of process you should have a communication sent at each step of the process.

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smiles007, Thanks much for the detailed explanation.

I figured out my mistake. We were using exactly the same procedure as yours but earlier we were not able to figure out a way to use mail merge fields for approval process. More or less a very static email template for approve / reject action was used. I modified this using merge fields and it is dynamic now.
One more issue. Need help please.

Mail merge fields listed below are not working when with an email template setup under Rejection Actions. Same fields are working when used in Approval Assignment Email Template. Any ideas?


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I'm having the same problem here.


I want to have a comunication channel using automatic emails once the approvals are given. In those emails I want to see who has approved, the comments that the approver added what is the status of the approval.


How does it work? I added in the email template alll the available fields regarding the approval in even  that the email template arrives empty...


Please advise






I was also having this issue with approval email templates I had created. The comments field would not pull data into the emails.  After submitting a case and being advised the best option was to enable the email approval response functionality, I discovered this little gem in the help text:


"If the email template you choose contains approval merge fields named {!ApprovalRequest.field_name}, these fields will return values only when that email template is used as the approval assignment template. If you use the template for any other email alert action—in either workflow rules or approval processes—the merge fields will return a null value."


I'm gathering this means the approval request fields are limited to the single template that is designated as the approval assignment template. I wonder if anything is posted on Ideas about gaining access to these fields?

Rajesh ShahRajesh Shah

Hi, Is there a way to add the comments to the email templates? I tried creating a common template for approval, rejection and added the same as Approval Assignment Email Template. The email templates pulled the status when the record entered the approval process but during approval and rejection, it didn't pulled any records.


Let me know if there is any way to do this.


Does anyone find solution to this?


I tried using {!ApprovalRequest.Comments} but it did not work.


I'm running into the same problem as well.  Seems king of silly that you can only use these fields during the initial notification email.

same issue with the {!ApprovalRequest.Comments}.


Kinda pointless having an email notification if the users will need to go into the Opportunity to look into the stages.


I was also trying to see if there was a way to move the comments from the Approval form to a text field in the Opportunity... nope.


Here's the link to the Idea that will allow us to use Approval Request Comments field on all templates:




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I'm having the same issue.  Rejection comments don't populate.  Is this just a bug that needs to be fixed?  It seems like that functionality should be there.