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Product and Opportunity Product

So when I add a new product to my opportunity I want to be able to see the same custom fields I created in the price book on the "opportunity products" search page.
I already tried going through page layout, but the same fields aren't in both places.
I don't want to have to re-type everything
Is there a way for me to select my product and have the same fields from the price book/product custom fields show up on "Opportunity Product"
And why are these two "separate" anyway?
If I understand correctly, you will need to create all of the fields on the Oppty Product object as well.
The reason you have Products and Oppty Products is to facilitate the many-to-many relationship you need between Opptys and Products.
And there's no way to Map fields from one to the other? Everything would just have to be re-typed?
Not that I'm aware of, by default.  I have a customer with a similar problem. You could most likely accomplish this with some custom development, we accomplish it by setting the values during an integration process with another system programmatically.

HI all,

I am  trying to add new custom field directly to product's related list  So i can display the same custom field on oppotunity tab under product section which i added in product object.

But I am able to seee that filed in product related  list on opportunity tab.

Could you please any one guide me on this?