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AccountShare - new rowcause

We have 30,000 accounts .

However, there are over 200,000 AccountShare records. This is very large and unusual.  When I looked at the RowCause, I saw 2 items that seem to be new

  1. Rule
  2. ImplicitParent

Are these 2 items new from Release 5.0 a few weeks back?

We don't have account team enabled yet

These have been around for at least a year. Check the docs on AccountShare for what they do:

Reason that this sharing entry exists. Read-only. One of the following values:

Owner�The User is the owner of the Account or is in a Role above the Account owner in the role hierarchy.

Manual�The User or Group has access because a User with �All� access manually shared the Account with them.

Rule�The User or Group has access via an Account sharing rule.

ImplicitParent�The User or Group has separate access to an Opportunity or Case associated with this Account, and so they are automatically given �Read� access to the Account.

Team�The User or Group has team access (is an AccountTeamMember).
One more thing: You probably only care about the manual and team rows. The rest you can filter out as the system creates them automatically for you and you can't update them.