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Proxy access if your NOT a developer

My company has recently started using SalesForce Explorer. However, users cannot log into the system as they have been denied proxy access. The nearest solution I can find to this problem is in this copy/paste of another post

"There really isn't any "documentation" for the sforce explorer. I think a brief readme file would be useful though.
As to the proxy question, the proxy settings that are built into the explorer don't include authenticated proxy. The client id field you referred to is an Id that is issued to Partners and has nothing to do with proxy.
What you will need to do is crack open the source and modify the section of code that sets up the proxy and provide authentication info.
To use the proxy, you enter the proxy settings in the options dialog and then from the Tools menu enable the proxy settings by choosing the Use Proxy menu item.
The original purpose of the proxy is to allow the tracing and capturing of Soap message with a 3rd party tools, but you should definitely be able to modify for proxy server use".

This "solution" is all well and good, but I am not a developer. I suppose that we could open the ports on our proxy server, but I can find any documentation on SalesForces Explorer detailing the finer points of the software.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Devon,

The sforce Explorer is meant as a developer sample.  What needs to happen is for some developer to implement and test setting proxy credentials and submit the change for inclusion in the project.  I, unfortunately, do not have any proxy server infrastructure to do this myself.


I have access to a proxy that requires authentication - I would gladly test any changes to the sforce explorer that were implemented to address the outbound proxy issue.

-- Mark

Hi mmangano,

Why not mod the code yourself, test, then submit the changes for inclusion?

If only I was a developer  !!