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What is the easiest way to transfer my data to the test environment?

It's still pilot. If you're in the pilot, the PM for this should have sent you instructions. If no, you'll likely have to wait until we make it GA. If you are interested in the pilot, you should still submit a case to express your interest!

I'm interested in this!

Who do I submit this case to?



When we login, the login users soap address is retrieved to fetch the endpoint from  (i.e. "https://www.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/4.0").  This is included in the code generated form the wsdl.

With the test site, we will have custom applications that test against the test site first, then against production which fetches na1.   How does testing against test account affect?  Instead of modifying the code to change the WSDL to a new server, we may start moving this piece of information to  a config file.

Please advise,

Joyce Ng

For example,

Again the login uses a soap address  (i.e. "https://www.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/4.0"). 

This is included in the code generated form the wsdl.  We would need to change the generated code.
We then reset the soap endpoint with the returned server url.
private void login() {  
   // Create binding object for sforce  
   SoapBindingStub sfdc = (SoapBindingStub) new SforceServiceLocator().getSoap();  
   // login  
   LoginResult loginResult = sfdc.login("userName", "password");  
   // Reset the SOAP endpoint to the returned server URL  
   sfdc = (SoapBindingStub) new  
   SforceServiceLocator().getSoap(new java.net. URL(loginResult.getServerUrl()));  
   // Create a new session header object 
   // add the session ID returned from the login  
   _SessionHeader sh = new _SessionHeader();  
   // Set the session header for subsequent call authentication  
   sfdc.setHeader(new SforceServiceLocator().getServiceName().getNamespaceURI(),  
"SessionHeader", sh);  



on test, the endpoint URL in the WSDL is https://test.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/5.0 so you just need to import the WSDL from test instance, and you're good to go.
Importing the WSDL would mean recompiling the code..  we should think of putting this into a config file, no?
That'll work as well.