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flash player 124 security issues

The flash player 124 seems to be restricting cross domain requests to salesforce. I see the request from cross domain swf's are getting
sandbox violation error.

Error: Request for resource at by requestor from <externaldomain/swf>  is denied due to lack of policy file permissions.
*** Security Sandbox Violation ***
Connection to halted - not permitted from <externaldomain/swf>

how to resolve this issue ? Anybody from salesforce shed more light on this ?

More about this issue,

Message Edited by xraydeltaone on 04-16-2008 12:46 PM
we are dealing with the same probems. We have developed some applications for our customers based on Flex and Adobe Air with Flex and everyone that have updated the Flash Player to 9.124.0  can't access to salesforce through the apex library for Flex. Please any feedback or similar experiences will be very welcome.
Further information about the issue (sorry some parts are in Spanish).
'7580B12D-214D-6B14-EC88-5D4E5310156D' producer connected.
Method name is: login
Advertencia: Omitiendo la etiqueta <allow-access-from> no válida para el dominio '' en el archivo de política de
Advertencia: Omitiendo la etiqueta <allow-access-from> no válida para el dominio '' en el archivo de política de
Advertencia: El dominio no especifica ninguna metapolítica.  Aplicando la metapolítica predeterminada 'all'.  Esta configuración dejará de funcionar en el futuro. Consulte para resolver este problema.
Hi Ron,

We are experiencing this same issue. Can you please post a reply when the cross domain file is updated?

Ron HessRon Hess
the cross-domain has been updated.
Hi Ron,

does this also work for us who are on ?

Orn Asbjornsson
hello, I have applications developed in flex that have access to data in salesforce through the API, until today's day they worked correctly the file crossdomain.xml it was this..     

  <?xml version="1.0" ?>  
  <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy (View Source for full doctype...)>  
- <cross-domain-policy> 
  <allow-access-from domain="*" secure="true" />  
  <allow-http-request-headers-from domain="*" headers="*" secure="true" />  

File be it has changed to:    
  <site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="by-content-type" />
  <allow-access-from domain="" />
  <allow-access-from domain="" />

restricting the alone access to 2 servants and avoiding the possibility of operation of my applications.

we have different applications developed in Flex and Air and interacting with Since yesterday all our applications are not running due it seems the crossdomain has changed.

Please can anybody help us?


Hi Ron,


I am getting similar error for I am trying to connect to sandbox and I can connect from standalone flex application. However when I load object is Salesforce I am getting cross domain security error. If I use developer organization it works fine from standalone app as well as from salesforce. Can you please help?