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"field does not exist" error message . . .


I have a simple custom formula:

IF( (LEN( Fund)=0), "None",
IF(CONTAINS( "1203", Fund), "Retail Fund",
IF(CONTAINS( "1204", Fund), "Industry Fund",
IF(CONTAINS( "1205", Fund), "Value Fund"))))

And when I check the syntax I'm getting this error message:

"Field Fund does not exist. Check spelling."

The field "Fund" does exist, so I'm wondering what the issue is.

the name of the Fund field is likely to be Fund__c not Fund
Thanks for replying.

I thought that might be the problem as well, so I made the switch to Fund_c like so:

IF( (LEN( Fund_c)=0), "None",
IF(CONTAINS( "1203", Fund_c), "Retail Fund",
IF(CONTAINS( "1204", Fund_c), "Industry Fund",
IF(CONTAINS( "1205", Fund_c), "Value Fund"))))

But I still get:

Error: Field Fund_c does not exist. Check spelling.

I'm sure this is something stupid . . .
"Fund" is a text field and my custom formula field, which I'm calling "Fund Name," is also a text field. Do I need to make "Fund" a number field?
It is Fund__c with 2 underscores.
Ah, thanks. That works.

However, getting this syntax error now . . . what am I doing wrong? Am I closing the last IF statement incorrectly?

IF( (LEN( Fund__c)=0), "None",
IF(CONTAINS( "1203", Fund__c), "Retail Fund",
IF(CONTAINS( "1204", Fund__c), "Industry Fund",
IF(CONTAINS( "1205", Fund__c), "Value Fund"))))

Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function IF(). Expected 3, received 2
Your final If statement only has 2 parameters.  Indenting your code makes it clearer:

IF(LEN( Fund__c)=0, "None",
    IF(CONTAINS("1203", Fund__c), "Retail Fund",
        IF(CONTAINS("1204", Fund__c), "Industry Fund",
            IF(CONTAINS("1205", Fund__c), "Value Fund", "NEED SOMETHING HERE")

Got it.

I didn't realize CONTAINS needed a value to return if the previous arguments were false.

Thanks for the help.