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reordering dropdowns in views & creating masks

two more questions :)
my users find it frustrating that the dropdowns of field names (for example, when creating a view) are not alphabetic
is it possible to modify this?
i'm getting into a time cruch to complete this project
the default telephone format based on my locale is not what i want
i'd pefer if all phone numbers were forced to look like
613.555.5555 ext xxxx
so, user enters 10 numbers it formats as above
user enters more than 10 the format assumes international
else error
how do i go about this in salesforce
i assume i use a validation rule
could some show me a rule they've used for this
Validation rules merely return True/False to indicate whether the contents of a field can be saved. They cannot be used to 'change' the content of the field.

You could create Workflow rule that activates whenever the Phone field changes and the length is 10:

Then create a Field Update that formats the 10-digit phone number:

This, of course, assumes that a 10-digit phone number is entered without any punctuation. So, you could create a validation rule that forces at least 10 digits. See the online help for some more Phone Number formatting rules.
haven't managed to get this to work yet
but thanks for the detailed steps