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customize the send an email page

Is it possible to customize the "send an email" page? I'd like to be able to add an S-control to the page.
I know there is some capability to customize the email behavior from custom objects or existing types (leads, contacts), but is it possible to add an S-control to any (or all) instance of the "Send an email" page?
- Eli
u have an option to override the Send an Email Button where u can add an S-control to it. button is available in customize->activities->Activity Buttons
Thanks for answering. I've found the ability to override the behavior, but that would force me to create my own mailer -- I just want to add a section to the Send an Email page.
Can I add a custom button to the send an email page (next to Add Attachment, check spelling, etc.)?
Rasmus MenckeRasmus Mencke
The Send Email page is not customizable. Only suggestion is to pass in parameters through the URL string, this is not supported and might break with upgrades.

I saw the last post on this was some time ago.  I am new to force development and would also like to add a field to this page.


Any new info?  any new ideas?  Is there any way to access a layout page for this?