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Why is my query not retrieving value of Account ID in PrintAnything?

I am using the basic version of PrintAnything. For some reason, the following SOQL query is returning zero records.
Select a.Name From Account a where a.Id='{!Account.Id}'
but when I hard-code the id as follows, it works:
Select a.Name
From Account a where a.Id='0013000000Gbf4MAAR'
Appreciate all help to figure out why a.Id='{!Account.Id}' is not working in the query for PrintAnything.
I dont know anything about PrintAnything but in a general SQL sense, it would seem you are passing the ID varable as a text string as your not escaping the single quotes. It maybe how the system works, by using the {} brackets to escape, but normally i would expect something to be more like.
" select * from tablename where theid = ' " &{accountvar}& " ' "
so the &'s are used to escape the string to populate the varable from your software... so maybe its something similar you need to do.
Like i say, just a total guess...
Edit: Just a guess but have you tried taking out the single speechmarks all together so its like;
Select a.Name From Account a where a.Id={!Account.Id}

Message Edited by krisc on 05-08-2008 07:54 AM

Try to setup your query like:

select a.Name from Account a where a.Id = '{Parameter.accountId}'

On the button, where the report is started (assumed it is on a Account layout), add the parameter:

[packageId="NameOfYourPackage", accountId=Account.Id])

Thanks a million for your help...this really works well.
Do you know if we can add a hyperlink say "Print this page" in the print form layout that will open the print dialog box? Where should I place the javascript for this purpose?
Thanks for all your help.