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Customizing Page Layout for Custom Object

Hi all, I am (very) new to the Salesforce platform, so I need help finding my way around the application. I have created a custom S-Control that I was to include in a page as a Custom Link. I have found where to edit Page Layout for the native Objects like Contacts and Accounts, but I cannot find where to edit Page Layout for my Custom Object.


1. In the help popup, I found these two things pertaining to Page Layouts:

To work with page layouts, go to Setup | Customize, click the appropriate kind of record, and select Page Layouts.

2. I wonder if I am missing "the appropriate kind of record" for a Custom Object, but I can't find anything.

a. Click Setup | Create | Objects.

b. Select one of the custom objects in the list.

c. In the Page Layouts related list, click Edit next to one of the page layouts to modify it, or click New to create a new page layout.

For these directions, which pertain to modifying Page Layouts for Custom Objects, I follow along fine until "In the Page Layouts related list" where I get lost. What is that? Where is it? What color is it? 


Then, once I get to that page where I can edit the Page Layout for my Custom Object, what should I expect?


Thank you very much for your time.


Page Layouts for custom objects are displayed in the same screen where you setup fields and validation rules. To access the page layouts, just click on the hyperlink name of your custom object -- don't click "Edit" (Edit will only give you the option to change the overall object properties).


Working with custom objects is different from the standard objects since all the settings are in one screen and not directly visible on the setup menus as they are for standard objects.


To modify the columns that appear on a related list, you have to edit the page that has the related lists. In the page layout editor, you can double click on the related list to access it's properties and add/remove/reorder  columns and buttons. For example, if your new custom object is displayed as a related list to another object, access the other object's page layout to change the related list. If your custom object has related lists on it's page layout, then edit the page layout and double-click on the related list to modify the properties.


Hope that helps.

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Message Edited by Mark Silber on 01-23-2009 11:59 PM
Zigi MedrudZigi Medrud
this was very nice to see. Thank you