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Campaign members primary and secondary emails included in campaign. or not?



We have some contacts with two and three associated email addresses (Some from bulk import). We want to use (and know to use) primary or other email for one off emails but include both/all email addresses when sending an email to a campaign (i.e one Contact which subscribed to a weekly email campaign with three different email addresses.) Any way to mark an individuals record as primary email, but when campaign is created it will allow me to select which email (prim, sec, third) to use for this person.


Perhaps some custom fields are in order. Perhaps have prim, sec and third emails an availbile field... and on individuals details, there is another section which we manually select which email addresses to use for campaigns.


Email one offs to primary. When sending weekly email, send to primary and third, not secondary and for contact #2 send to primary and secondary. can we target which email address is included in the campaign upon creation?


Does anyone have any idea how one can acomplish this?